Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] Changmin Arriving at Brisbane, Australia

January 3rd, around 22:15, a classmate told me about the 19:35’s airplane arrival.

So, I checked Gimpo, Incheon, Seoul’s airplane time table, and found that there is a plane to Brisbane… So I was very excited… later I decided to skip class next day to go to the airport, and arranged rides with a classmate…

The wait was long… from 6:40AM… Thank goodness I had classmates with me that chatted with me (Ps. I’m very proud of myself to be able to connect to the internet at the airport), so during the wait I finished a paper, and watched Dating on Earth again… and did many other things… About 5:40… There were more people in the airport…

I sat outside the exit… waited and waited, around 6:40, the airport screen showed airplane KE123 LANDED… I got very excited… gathered all my things… waited and waited… Searching very carefully afraid to miss him… After a long time, when I wanted to go home, the door opened… a very tall guy dressed in all black watched this way, and even looked my way, the look in my eyes might have scared him… After that, he continued walking with his friends, laughing at talking,… There weren’t any bodyguards or reporters, or any screaming, he was just like a regular traveler.

After that, I followed them (I was probably caught, I was way too excited), because I watched too fast to catch up with them, I was like walking right by him… I was excited to death… Later a guy went to the trashcan, Changmin went as well, I followed… I tried to go talk to him, Min was startled for a second, then the guy by him stood in between us, thought I was Korean (I’m Chinese, CHINESE!!!), and started talking to me in Korean, I didn’t understand any of it, so I started speaking English, but I was so nervous, and spoke in a very quiet voice, that guy kept on asking “mo? mo?” … then Min smiled at me… (I spazzed) waved at them, and ran away. Then I went upstairs and kept an ey on them. Though when I became hungry, I went to find food and lost them. Who knew my luck was this good, at the place I went to eat, I meet them again… hahahaha… Min sat in the middle of the crowd laughing very happily. When I left, they were still there… hehehehe… This is the first time I noticed, Brisbane could be this lovely…

credit: as tagged+maxcmbar
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