Friday, January 8, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100107 "I saw Kim Junsu in Sydney!"

Fan Account: 7th Jan 2010

OMG! It still hasn't quite sunken in yet, but I saw KIM JUNSU IN SYDNEY TODAY! He was so adorable!!!!!!!
There were quite a number of fans waiting at xxxxx hotel in the morning, and we waited for a few hours, wondering when Kim Junsu was going to appear. Finally, one of my friends plucked up the courage and asked one of the staffs when Kim Junsu was going to appear, and he said that he would at xx pm. So we all waited a bit longer, and then Junsu's van was getting ready and everyone was really excited.

Then, the van drove off somewhere, and everyone started running, and I ran with them and at about 5 metres I saw KIM JUNSU! And I couldn't believe my eyes. Everything just stopped around me, and I froze. Everything was silent, and we all made way for Junsu and his staff, and I just stood there staring at him. Everything and everyone faded out and all I saw was Kim Junsu, dressed in all white, and he was so handsome! And I couldn't move or speak, just stood there and stared, and about 5 seconds later, I plucked up the courage and shouted out 'Kim Junsu fighting!' And he got into the van and that was it. The staffs that were with Junsu kept telling us that we weren't allowed to take photos, so I didn't take any, though I am sure there are still some ninja cassies around.

We also saw Junsu at the harbour bridge, and he was going to climb it. He was so cute there! Seriously. When he got into the building where people go to climb the bridge, one of the fan's mum managed to get a signature from him. She was so lucky!!!!!! We all stood downstairs and stared up at Junsu was who was going upstairs to get ready for the climb. We all shouted out Kim Junsu fighting, or something along those lines, and Junsu smiled and then started laughing. It was so priceless! He looked so happy.

Then we all waited under the bridge because we wanted to see Junsu climb it. We waited for a while, and then he suddenly appeared!!!!! OMG HE WAS ON THE HARBOUR BRIDGE! With his safety gears and everything and there was also a camera man with him and a few people up there with him as well.

He looked down at us, and we all waved, and he laughed again and smiled and he waved back! OMG HE WAVED BACK! Then we were shouting things like 'Kim Junsu fighting' and he looked at where me and my friend were standing, and our eyes met for like two seconds and I almost died. Then we waved again and he waved back and he was still smiling and laughing! I am so glad that he was happy, and he looked excited.

I was standing next to this lady and her husband who was watching us watching Junsu, and when we all squealed because Junsu waved and smiled at us, the lady was like to her husband, 'what did he do?' and her husband was like 'he waved.' That made me laugh XD

And then we left him alone and bummed around because it will take an hour or two for Junsu to finish his climb. We saw him when he came back from his climb too. But he looked so tired! I am not sure if he was tired or bored, but I feel sorry for him. The climb must have been so tiring. Although he looked really tired when he was going back, when we waved at him, he still waved back and smiled. You're so sweet Junsu!

There is something I want to say though. It's all right if you want to go and see them, but please don't scream at them or try to touch them. The group I was with today were pretty good and obedient and we kept our distance. And please, remember that Junsu can get tired too okay? Although he was happy to see the fans today, we shouldn't follow him around 24/7 because he can get tired too, and I feel sorry for him because fans were still trying to follow him after his climb. So please keep your distance and don't touch them or anything. I am glad that I got to see Junsu today, and he was so handsome today ^^

The staffs told us that Junsu was filming, whereas Jaejoong and Yoochun were here for a holiday. Jae and Yoochun went back already though, so I didn't get to see them. But I saw Kim Junsu and that was enough for me, because I finally get to see him laugh and smile like that.

Credits: Hoodwinker @onetvxq
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