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[TRANS] 100104 Tohoshinki at CDTV Part 2, Continued~~

[TRANS] 011004 Tohoshinki at CDTV 2
An article for a Japanese fan blog

T/N: Continued from here

It seemed only a few seconds, and the masterpieces introducing corner started...
(T/N: Tohoshinki appeared for the corner where masterpieces of June and July were introduced.)
Oh, there were cute members in the wipe~~
(T/N: The wipe was a tiny tip on the upper right corner of the screen. This is the place where I wanted to introduce to all of you, it is too small to look on youtube, and also, the blog author has put so many efforts in screen capping, amazing job!)

Yunho is singing and taking the rhythm together during TRF’s performance~

During ayu, Changmin does not make a move ~~ he is quietly looking at the video.
During BONNIE PINK, Yoochun was reacting something~
Jaejoong during Kumi Koda ~~ He is taking the rhythm and is swaying a little ~
Chagmin during “Innocent World” of Mr. children ~ no change..
Jaejoong during CHMISTRY. Taking the rhythm ~ singing? talking?
Yunho during YUI ~Taking the rhythm, and moving his head~
Yoochun during w-inds ~ He was suddenly smiling and looking earnestly.
KK (Keita) is his friend ~ and the video is from 2004 ~ and Keita is there today too ~ ? Oh, Yoochun, you are cute!

T/N: The pictures were uploaded by deevinne, thank you so much!

T/N: I've already uploaded the pictures of Junsu in my next post. (There are 87 pictures in total, so I had to split it up to make easy reading articles. Please calm down. I would appreciate your kindness and gratitute to the blog author, she has put in tremendous efforts in screen capping, and also to our deevinne, who has uploaded the pictures for me again. Thank you!

Source: In 東方神起and eternity ~toko wantebaku~
Translation: smiley @
Special thanks: deevinne @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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