Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[News] 100105 The Three Options for TVXQ

(T/N: Please keep in mind that this is just an article by MyDaily Korea. The three options are NO ONE official stand, but only options that are viewed by MyDaily to be possible ending for TVXQ legal case from all the facts/rumors gathered.)

This article is also at dnbn (for you the loyal dnbn followers), but still in private mode, or maybe will be deleted )

(an excerpt from article my MyDaily Korea)

Ever since 3 TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu filed an application disposition to terminate their exclusive contract effect, the future of TVXQ is not yet resolved. For all TVXQ fans who wish the group not to be disbanded, this ongoing period is sure a stuffy situation.

However from the recent happenings about this group, seems that there are three possible choices TVXQ may needs to choose in the future.

1. The expiration contract with AVEX in following June and a farewell concert which will be their last concert both in Japan and Korea (we all know the farewell concert is from Sports Nippon article. MyDaily also put the official stand from both AVEX and SM which denied this, but to see the fact TVXQ contract does actually expire in June, this option is seen as possible).

2. Since now the name of Dong Bang Shin Ki is owned by SM, so there’s a chance that the group will continue to work separately as 3:2 team in Korea, however for activities in Asian market including Japan, they’ll team up as five members to work together.

3. The option that most of TVXQ fans wish, having a final reconciliation and a dramatic agreement.

Since SM Entertainment has always been saying, “We want the 3 TVXQ members to return, and let’s having a frank talk together.”, there’s always a chance for both parties to be able to form an amicable settlement before any legal decision shall be made. This is indeed what the fans desperately wish for.

source: mydaily
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